And the answer for week 1 was...

The Philosopher's Stone

The first objet to find (= trouver) was the philosopher's stone!

THE CLUES (= les indices)

The stone can turn any metal into GOLD. The colour of the stone is RED. The stone can make people immortal, and so ETERNAL. Nicolas FLAMEL was a manuscript seller (= vendeur) who lived in the 14th and 15th centuries (= siècle). A legend says that he was also (= aussi) an alchemist and that he discovered the philosopher's stone.

The stone plays an important part in the first book of the Harry Potter series. Lord Voldemort is very weak (= faible) and he needs (= a besoin de) the stone to restore his body. A new professor, Professor Quirrell, is one of Voldemort's supporters and he will help him to find the stone. Harry Potter and his friends will fight and try to stop them.

EXTRACT 1: In this extract, Hagrid brings (= emmène) Harry to Gringott's bank to take the philosopher's stone from a vault (= coffre-fort).














EXTRACT 2: In this extract, Hermione tells Harry and Ron about Nicolas Flamel and the philosopher's stone.

EXTRACT 3: In this extract, Voldermort (who is in Professor Quirrell's body!) wants to take the stone from Harry. 

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