Week 2 - the snow globe

The second objet you had to find was the snow globe of St Paul's Cathedral (London).

After they come back from Mary Poppins's uncle (where they had tea flying in the air!), the kids want to tell their father about their day. But Mr Banks is very tired and in a bad mood (= de mauvaise humeur) because he had a difficult day at work, so he sends the children to bed.

In the bedroom, Mary Poppins explains to the children that sometimes, even the people we love don't see past the end of their nose (= pas plus loin que le bout de leur nez).

Her message is that their father loves them very much, but that because of all the difficulties of adult life (especially his job), he forgets the little things in life, like (= comme) listening to his children when they want to tell about their day. But as Mary Poppins says: "Sometimes the little things can be quite important".

After that, she sings the song about feeding the birds: something that may not seem important, but showing compassion IS very important indeed.



The snow globe is filled with WATER. The scene takes place at BEDTIME. The globe is made out of GLASS. The CHIMES of the cathedral are the bells (= cloches) and the sound they produce. 



In the movie Mary Poppins Returns (2018), Jane and Michael are grown-ups (= adults). When Michael decides to clear the attic (= le grenier) of the house, he finds the snow globe that Mary Poppins showed them when he was a child. Watch at 00:20. 













Fun story about this snow globe: One day, after Mary Poppins (1964) was filmed, a janitor (= concièrge) at the studios found the snow globe in the trash! He thought that it was beautiful so he took it and kept it in his office.


In 1970, Disney decided to build a big archive to keep objects and documents connected with Disney's history. A man called Dave Smith was searching for objets to put in the Archive and one day, he noticed (= remarquer) the globe on a shelf (= étagère) in the janitor's office. The  janitor said that he didn't know what it was, that he had found it in the trash, so M. Smith told him that it was the globe from the movie Mary Poppins (1964) and he took it to have it restored (it was a bit broken) and then put it in the archive! So it still exists today!

They wanted to use the original 1964 globe in the 2018 movie, but it was too delicate and fragile, so they recreated it. Here are some photos of the recreation for the 2018 movie.







In 1999, Disney sold a limited edition replica of this snow globe, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original movie. Today, this object has become a collector.











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