Week 6 - The Carpet Bag

The objet you had to find for week 6 was the carpet bag.

When Mary Poppins arrives at the banks, she takes all the decoration and furniture of the room from this middle-sized carpet bag. The children are even more impressed when they realize that the bag is empty! Another magical trick from Mary Poppins.




The bag seems to offer INFINITE space to store things since Mary Poppins takes many big objects out of it. Mary Poppins uses this bag when she is on a JOURNEY (= voyage). Like any bag, it has HANDLES to be carried, and finally, it is made out of CARPET

Only Mary Poppins can see what is in it, so you had to find the Mary Poppins of our school: Mrs Chareyre. Mary Poppins's measuring tape was visible next to the door of her classroom to indicate that she was indeed Mary Poppins, and she also wore a special hat this week, very much like Mary Poppins's hat. Only her, with a bit of magic, could help you see the letter that was in the bag.

College Le Vallon - 3 rue de l'acaron -  71400 AUTUN

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